Sleepless Nights

Monday, 19 May 2014  |  Admin

Sleepless Nights

"Mamma Mamma, Waaaaaaaaaa Waaaaaaaa, Rebecca I can't settle them I need your help", its been two years, 20 months to be exact since I have gone through the bedtime routine without at some stage during a month hearing one of above statements called at me in desperation.

Let me start by explaining my family situation. My eldest is Ryan, at 20 months old, we have only really ever had a few instances of no sleeping or as I like to describe it has "Too busy to even try to sleep". Ryan has always been a relatively good sleeper, bed at 7pm up between 7-8am. Sounds good eh? Well Ryan tends to throw a little confusion in the mix every now and again or in particular when we have a new tooth cutting or he's had a growth spurt. He suddenly ticks the opt out box for sleeping and we begin the process most parents are fully familiar with "Sssssshh hunni its bed time now you need to go to sleep" this swiftly moves onto, "Ryan please its night time and you need to get back into that bed and go to sleep", you step oustide the bedroom door thinking peace at last to suddenly hear "NO MAM".

Over the past 20 months both my partner and I have tried everything to eliminate the restless bedtime routine, which although I mentionned its not very often its still something that puts strain on me, my partner and our quiet time. One thing that I know works for Ryan and I am now putting in place for our youngest, 4 month old Lily, is routine. We have our dinner between 5 and half 5, followed by play time with Daddy, a story with me and at 6.20pm Ryan jumps up onto the couch gest a little snack and watches "In the Night Garden', one that is over its goodnight to our Doggy, a kiss for his sister and off he goes to get his night time bottle and up to bed for a nappy change, cuddles and bed.

However allowing this routine to run smoothly when you throw a four month old into the situation it slightly more difficult. Lily's awakening cries while Ryan has just settled has thrown a real stone into the mix. Everyday is trial and error at getting that balance right, ensuring Lily manages to be entertained and happy for the ten minutes we leave her to put Ryan to bed.

As a mother and parent I don't think there is ever going to be one way to "get it right" but one thing is for sure we will do a dam good job at trying.