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Boy's Bedroom Decorating Tips

Decorating a boys bedroom can sometimes be a challenge, boys as a rule are active and enthusiastic When we say “boys will be boys” rough and tumble play is their way of maturing and developing! So when designing your boys bedroom it is good to consider their likes and interests in the overall plan!

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Boys Bedroom Ideas

Consider the following points before you buy any childrens furniture or decide on a boys color scheme for their bedroom or playroom area!

    • In general boys bedrooms are painted in lively blues, red, yellow, green and orange, bright colors to inspire and stimulate their active, creative minds.
    • It is great to consider at least 2 of these colors in your boys bedroom.
    • The fun part can be involving your little man in the decision of which color their bedroom is going to be painted.
    • It is important that you consider the personality of your little man when picking out his boys bed and the other childrens furniture it is best to look for sturdy & well made pieces of kids furniture.
    • Boys bedroom furniture may end up being treated as more of a playground so the focus needs to be on hard wearing furniture that is robust enough to take account of sleepovers and years of abuse!
    • In our childrens store we pride ourselves on finding childrens furniture that will grow with your child and take them into their teenage years with no extra expense than some inexpensive re-painting!
    • Boys on a hold are not known for their tidiness so we would recommend that you look at kids storage for your boys bedroom, if nothing but for their action figures, lego & books!


Where to start with decorating a boys bedroom?

  1. Talk to your child. When searching for boys decorating ideas online, the mind boggles with the amount of information and childrens furniture ideas for boys bedrooms, So make it easy for you by starting with the man in question, talk to your son about what ideas he would like for his room. Start off with a color scheme and what his interests are and then work towards a boys bed and bedroom storage.

  2. Don’t go overboard with any one theme. Even if your son just adores trucks and JCB’s remember that this is what he loves now and these interests will evolve into other themes. It is good advice if you wish to look at a theme that you go with a classic theme for your boys bedroom in design as this will not date.

  3. Allow for an evolution of style in your boys beds.If your little man is younger than talking age or is not too sure of what they would like in their bedroom then it makes more sense to create a room which can change right along with your child. Use muted but versatile colors which can slowly add décor more individual suited to your child.

  4. Put your child’s belongings at his level.To encourage your child to actively be involved in the cleaning of their bedroom it is wise if you make sure all of his books & toys are simply and clearly organized at his level.