Cot & Cot Bed

Complete your nursery furniture purchasing your cot and cot bed from JellyBean Group. We have an extensive range of products by Stokke & Silvercross.

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Page 1 of 1:    11 Items

cot bed is firstly larger than a cot, we tend to sell more cotbeds than cots as their is little difference between the prices and the cot bed can easily adjust and adapt from cotbed to junior bed when your baby has outgrown their cot. This junior bed can depending on the height of you child last up to 5 or 6 years of age. However when buying the cotbed you need to check the size of your room as some baby rooms would may be too small to take a cotbed so a cot might be more suitable.
A cot bed makes a good first bed as it is smaller than a single bed. Please remember in time you will need the cot bedding for your junior bed.

A few points to remember

  • Most of our cots have a 3 base adjustable height level allowing you to have the mattress at the highest point rather than straining your back when the baby is very small. Once the baby is moving around the mattress can be lowered.
  • Most of our cots/cot beds have teething rails which are so useful when your baby gets older and starts teething. They allow your child to gnaw on the rail when their gums are hurting, without damaging the cot bed.


    Safety Checklist

    • Check your cot bed conforms with the BS EN 716-1 safety code, which ensures the cot is deep enough to prevent your baby from climbing out.
    • Ensure the mattress fits the cot bed with no gaps.
    • Make sure the bars of the cot bed are no more than 45mm to 65mm apart. To test this take a fizzy drink can with you when shopping, this should not fit through the gaps.