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Dolls House

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Kidkraft - Kaylee Dollhouse

Kidkraft - Kaylee Dollhouse€190.00   €144.95

Kidkraft - Sweet Savannah Dollhouse

Kidkraft - Sweet Savannah Dollhouse€159.00   €149.00

Kidkraft - Savannah Dollhouse

Kidkraft - Savannah Dollhouse€240.00   €184.95

KidKraft - My Dream Mansion Dollhouse

KidKraft - My Dream Mansion Dollhouse€230.00   €184.95

Kidkraft - Annabelle Dollhouse

Kidkraft - Annabelle Dollhouse€239.00   €184.95

Kidkraft - Penelope Dollhouse

Kidkraft - Penelope Dollhouse€125.00   €109.00

Kidkraft - Florence Dollhouse

Kidkraft - Florence Dollhouse€132.00   €129.00

Kidkraft - Chelsea Doll Cottage

Kidkraft - Chelsea Doll Cottage€160.00   €119.95

Kidkraft - Amelia Dollhouse

Kidkraft - Amelia Dollhouse€240.00   €184.95

Kidkraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse 65252

Kidkraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse 65252€280.00   €219.00


Page 1 of 1:    10 Items

 Dolls house is so special for little girls (and sometimes even more special to their Mammies) that it is not always easy to pick the most suitable Dollhouse – here in JellyBean we work brilliantly with the Kidkraft Dollhouses as the sizes & variety will suit your child’s age & your budget. When trying to decide on a Doll House you have the option of looking at the traditional Kidkraft Savannah Dollhouse (14 pieces of furniture included) the contemporary design in the Kidkraft Designer Dollhouse (11 pieces of furniture included), the fun,  pink & purple themed Kidkraft My Dream Mansion (13 pieces of furniture included), the four open sided large So Chic Dollhouse (50 pieces of furniture), the tidy & compact Chelsea Doll Cottage (19 pieces of furniture), the innovative 360 swivel turned Pastel Swivel Deluxe Dollhouse (32 pieces of furniture) and finally the compact Country Lane Cottage (9 pieces of furniture).So depending on the age of your child or being practical in the amount of space that you have in the play room or childrens room for their Kidkraft Dollshouse, we have a Wooden Dolllhouse for everyone!

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