Kidkraft Wooden Kitchens

Toy Kitchens by Kidkraft are one of the most popular ranges of Play Kitchens in Ireland, the reason for this is that they make their Kitchens for Kids with so many interactive features to bring the Toy Kitchen to life!!

The attention to detail in these Wooden Toy Kitchens includes oven/microwave doors which open & close, Childrens Kitchens which include knobs and dials which can be twisted to give the effect in the Toy Cookers! Kitchens for Kids can range from small to large Play Kitchens – they can have a variety of storage space for Wooden Kitchen Accessories, removable sink, double space ovens, cute styles to suit your little boy or girl!

So when trying to decide the best Kidkraft Kitchen for your home and little one, you have a number of options in terms of the obvious colour of the Kitchen Toy but also in the height of the Kids Kitchen. The Kidkraft Red Vintage Kitchen, Kidkraft Pink Vintage Kitchen & Kidkraft Bright Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen are 91 cm H x 84 cm L. The Kidkraft Modern Country Kitchen is 96cmH x 80cmL. The Kidkraft Home Cooking Kitchen is 101cm H x 61cm L, the Pink Retro Kitchen & Refrigerator is 78cm H x 65cm L and finally the Kidkraft Large Pastel Kitchen is 109cm H x 107cm L.

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