Kids Toys for Boys

JellyBean Group introduces the brand KidKraft to offer the best gifts for boys. With these wooden toysbest quality and fun are guaranteed! 

All Boys whether they are 1 year old or 99 years old either love the enjoyment of assembling simple machines or more complex constructions, whether they envisage being a pirate on the high seas, a garage mechanic or a explorer under the deep blue sea, here in JellyBean we have Boy Toys for all ages. Not only boys will enjoy the popular items from Toys for Boys, but their friends, sisters and the whole family playing together.


These Boys Toys include Kidkraft Train Sets, Kidkraft Heroes Wooden Play Set, Kidkraft Deluxe Garage Set, Kidkraft Deluxe Pirate Play Set, Deluxe Castle Play Set, Kidkraft Fun Explorers Rocket Ship Play Set, Kidkraft Submarine Play Set.

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Win Green - Barn Playhouse

Win Green - Barn Playhouse€315.00   €250.00

Win Green - Garage Playhouse

Win Green - Garage Playhouse€315.00   €250.00

Win Green - Pirate Shack Playhouse

Win Green - Pirate Shack Playhouse€315.00   €250.00

Win Green - Toy Shop Playhouse

Win Green - Toy Shop Playhouse€315.00   €250.00

Kidkraft - Uptown Espresso Kids Kitchen

Kidkraft - Uptown Espresso Kids Kitchen€295.00   €249.00

Kidkraft - Uptown White Kitchen

Kidkraft - Uptown White Kitchen€295.00   €249.00

Kidkraft - Modern Country Kitchen

Kidkraft - Modern Country Kitchen€290.00   €235.00

Kidkraft - City Explorers Train Set & Table

Kidkraft - City Explorers Train Set & Table€250.00   €225.00

Kidkraft - Vintage Kitchen - Red

Kidkraft - Vintage Kitchen - Red€260.00   €209.00

Kidkraft - Vintage Kitchen - White

Kidkraft - Vintage Kitchen - White€260.00   €209.00

Kidkraft - Waterfall Mountain Train Set and Table

Kidkraft - Waterfall Mountain Train Set and Table€232.00   €209.00

Kidkraft - Bright Toddler Kitchen

Kidkraft - Bright Toddler Kitchen€165.00   €139.00

Kidkraft - Pirate's Cove Play Set

Kidkraft - Pirate's Cove Play Set€155.00   €139.00

Kidkraft - Everyday Heroes Wooden Play Set

Kidkraft - Everyday Heroes Wooden Play Set€143.00   €129.00

Kidkraft - Mega Ramp Racing Set

Kidkraft - Mega Ramp Racing Set€132.00   €119.00

Kidkraft - Deluxe Garage Set

Kidkraft - Deluxe Garage Set€132.00   €109.00

Kidkraft - Super Highway Train Set

Kidkraft - Super Highway Train Set€110.00   €99.00

Kidkraft - Deluxe Workbench With Tools

Kidkraft - Deluxe Workbench With Tools€99.00   €89.00

Kidkraft - Bucket Mountain Train Set

Kidkraft - Bucket Mountain Train Set€71.00   €64.00

Kidkraft - Bucket Top Construction Train Set

Kidkraft - Bucket Top Construction Train Set€71.00   €64.00


Page 1 of 1:    25 Items