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Oeuf NYC - Toy Store in Walnut

Oeuf NYC - Toy Store in Walnut
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Brand:  Oeuf NYC

Product Description:

The Toy Store is an innovative storage system with three tiers of storage bins, ideal for books and toys. Because the bins are so easy to access, even the kids will want to pitch in at clean up time! Bins can be positioned flat or tilted. Bin dividers are removable so you can store items of different sizes – from the smallest Lego to oversized puzzles.

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Key Features:

  • Smart Design

• Solid and stable construction
• Easy to assemble
• Versatile storage options
• Easy access for children
• Removable dividers for large items

  • Eco-friendly

• Sustainably produced in Europe in an FSC certified facility
• Made of Baltic birch plywood and eco-MDF
• Finishes are non toxic and free of VOC health hazards
• Made under European environmental standards

  • Adaptable

• Works well with all Oeuf collections and any decor
• May be used to store toys, toiletries, fruits and vegetables
• Store bins may be positioned to your needs


Measures 41.4" H by 19" D by 31" Width (Inches)


About the Brand:

OEUF is also a collection of eco-friendly furniture, produced in a manner that prioritises respect for the environment : the wood comes from eco-managed forest, The MDF is made from used and recycled pieces of wood, the varnish is water based, the boxes are made out of 100 % recycled cardboard, the pieces of furniture do not include PCP, PBDE* or phtalates. (the PCP* is a toxic product used to artificially keep the wood, and the PBDE are chemical products that retard fire), the paints are eco-friendly, the factories are heated with used wood.

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