Types of bunk beds

Types of bunk beds
Selling kid's furniture in Ireland, we understand the importance of creating functional and stylish spaces for both children and their parents. Bunk beds have long been a popular choice, offering a practical solution for maximizing space and creating a sense of fun and adventure in kids' bedrooms. Let us talk you through the different types of bunk beds available, as we discuss their unique features and benefits.

Standard Bunk Beds: The classic choice, standard bunk beds consist of two stacked single beds. They are versatile and ideal for siblings or sleepovers. With a ladder or built-in stairs, they offer easy access to the upper bunk. These beds provide ample sleeping space while leaving room for other furniture or play areas in the room. A large amount of our bunk beds are modular, meaning when your children have grown out of the bunk bed style, the two beds can be separated into individual beds.

L-Shaped Bunk Beds: L-shaped bunk beds are perfect for maximizing space in a corner. They feature an upper and lower bed arranged in an L-shape, creating a cozy nook. This design often incorporates built-in storage, such as drawers or shelves, making them practical and space-saving. L shaped beds can include not just two single beds, but a double and a single, or even a single and a sofa bed, as seen in our Little Folks L shaped bed below.

Mid Sleeper and High Sleeper Beds: These elevated beds have an open space underneath. They free up valuable floor space, allowing for creative use of the area below, which is ideal for parents who are working smaller bedrooms. These beds can feature a variety of configurations, such as a study desk, play area, or additional storage. Mid sleepers are recommended for 4-6yrs+ depending on the height, while high sleepers are excellent for older children or teenagers who desire a functional and personalized space.

Triple Bunk Beds: Triple bunk beds are designed to accommodate three sleepers, offering an excellent solution for shared bedrooms, large families and sleepovers. These beds typically consist of a combination of a single and double bed stacked in a vertical arrangement. They are fantastic for saving floor space, and you can even add additional storage beneath the bunk bed.

Futon Bunk Beds: Futon bunk beds combine the functionality of a bunk bed with the versatility of a futon. The lower bunk can be converted into a sofa during the day, providing a comfortable seating area. This type of bunk bed is an excellent choice for older children or teenagers who desire a space to relax, study, or hang out with friends. Alongside the futon, you still have enough space to add a desk or storage area.

Novelty Bunk Beds: Novelty bunk beds bring imagination to life, making bedtime an adventure. These beds come in various playful themes, such as princess castles, pirate ships, treehouses, or fire trucks. Novelty bunk beds ignite a child's creativity and provide a whimsical focal point for their bedroom. These beds also make bed time that much easier, as your child will be more than happy to go to bed!


Bunk beds offer a world of possibilities for creating functional and exciting spaces in children's bedrooms. From the classic standard bunk beds to the innovative mid and high sleeper beds, L-shaped designs, triple bunks, futon options, and enchanting novelty themes, there is a bunk bed style to suit every child's needs and preferences. At Jellybean, we are delighted to offer such a diverse range of bunk beds that combine safety, quality, and style.