Your Guide to Choosing a Bed

Bed Types


Bunk Beds

Bunk Beds are two beds on top of each other. They can be either stacked or found in an L shaped bunk bed. Bunk Beds can be bought as 2 single beds or 1 double & 1 single bed, this is referred as a triple bunk bed. Most bunk beds can be converted into 2 single beds when the bunk option is no longer required. We have a large variety such as bunk beds with storage or bunk beds with a desk.

See our guide to buying bunk beds for kids at the bottom of this page.

Mid/High Sleeper Beds

Mid Sleeper Beds are raised beds which have an average height of 120cm and have space underneath to fit a roll out desk, storage cubes or chest of drawers. With Jellybean, you can choose from a midsleeper bed with storage, a desk, or even a mid sleeper bed with slide.

High Sleeper Beds are single beds which have an average height of 185cm. A high sleeper bed is similar to a bunk bed but does not have the bottom bunk. High Sleeper Beds have plenty of space underneath to fit a desk, futon or small wardrobe depending on your requirements.

A midsleeper bed with standard ladder or ladder and slide is a great way to transition a younger child from a toddler bed to a big bed. Mid sleepers are suitable for children aged 4 and over – offering all the fun and flexibility of a higher than normal bed, whilst still providing a safe place to sleep for younger ones. The open space underneath a Mid Sleeper provides plenty of options, plus loads of practicality!

Cabin Beds

Cabin Beds are very similar to Mid Sleeper Beds but tend to have built in storage underneath.

Toddler/Junior Beds

Toddler/Junior Beds are firstly cot beds which can be ordered in a fun themes such as a fire truck bed or a princess bed but are only a cot bed size which is 140cm x 70cm.

When your little one has outgrown their cot/cot bed and they are still too small to put into a larger bed, a toddler bed is the ideal solution and transition. We stock a great range of toddler beds here at JellyBean in Ireland, we only work with reputable manufacturers who provide toddler beds of excellent quality. We stock princess, disney princess, thomas the tank engine , cars toddler beds and more. These junior beds are great value, we can also supply toddler bed mattress, bedding & great kids room ideas to make your little one feel excited about the thought of moving into their bigger bed. We recommend to involve your little one as much as possible in picking out their bed, so it becomes a fun adventure!

Trundle Beds

Trundle beds are beds which are on wheels and slide under another bed when not in use. A trundle bed is ideal to use as a sleepover bed.

Who are you buying for?

When making the decision to buy a bed for your little one there are a number of factors to consider, you will need to take into account the family dynamics! Do you have multiple children to consider and how much space do you have? There are a number of different options open to you such as bunk beds, single beds, mid sleeper beds, high sleeper beds & double beds.

What material to choose?

Consider the material on the beds for example most children’s beds come either in a wood or metal finish. The wood finish are finished with stain or paint.

Are the beds safe?

All kids beds sold in Ireland have to conform to the safety standards and these are BS8509 and tested to FIRA standards meaning you can sleep easy knowing your kids are in the safest beds.

Considerations When Buying a Bunk Bed

Why do you need bunk beds?

Is your requirement to put two children into the one room? or are you looking for an extra bed to accommodate sleepovers? Children close in age love the idea of sharing a bedroom with their sibling, although the fight for the top bunk can add other complications if they are very close in age. A simple idea of accessorizing the bunk beds is a clever way of getting around who sleeps on the top bunk. Fun accessories such as “bunk bed curtains”, “bunk bed caves” can now be purchased in different themes to individualise the bunk beds. Bunk Beds are not only ideal for the practicalities of where your children will sleep but are also a great investment for a growing family. A number of bunk bed manufactures are producing modular systems which allow you to adapt the beds as required and spilt the bunk beds into two single beds or alternatively convert them into High Sleepers or Mid Sleepers Beds.

What is the ideal age to use bunk beds?

It is recommended that a child can use the top bunk bed from around 6 years of age, however younger children can use bunk beds but this is very much dependent on their height and how confident they are using the ladder on the bunk beds.

Consider the size of the bedroom/space.

There are a number of bunk bed options open to you however the standard bunk bed will be 2 full sized adult single beds, we have both European Sizes (210cm x 100cm) & UK/Irish Sizes (200cm x 100cm). We recommend that you measure your space carefully both the width and height of the area to ensure that you do not have any restrictions such as radiator covers, skirting board or other built in furniture which would prohibit the bunk beds from fitting in.

What style of bunk bed should I buy?

Here in JellyBean we have a number of different options open to you, we have wooden bunk beds, white bunk beds, bunk beds in different colour ways. We have bunk beds which are modular and can be converted into other styles of beds which the bunk option is no longer required. Bunk Beds with Shelving, Bunk Beds with Storage, Bunk Beds with a Desk, the list is endless in the options open to you!

What size mattress should I buy? Can I use my existing mattresses?

It is recommended for the top bunk bed that you buy a low profile mattress with a height/depth of approx 14-16cm, the reason for this is one of safety that your child does not roll off the top of the bunk bed, if you used a normal mattress with a height/depth of 23cm then the mattress would be higher than the side of the top bunk bed. For the bottom bunk bed you can use a regular sized single mattress. The recommended mattress for the European Sized Bunk Beds is 200x90 and the UK/Irish Sized Bunk Beds 190cmx90cm

What are the assembly requirements?

Please note that all bunk beds are flat packed, we offer FREE DELIVERY nationwide and also offer an assembly service should you wish, this is an additional charge, paid directly to the company who handles our assembly. Assembly charges are advised depending on the order. It is important to note that we stand over the quality of our suppliers and will only deal with bunk bed manufacturers who are consistent in their quality and workmanship.

Choosing the Right Mattress

What to consider before buying

It is important to spend time on buying the right mattress for your child, for example here in JellyBeanGroup we recommend bonnell sprung mattresses, these mattresses have a superior quality and would be satisfactory for an adult to sleep on. When buying your kids bed it is important to note the size of the bed, is it a European Kids Bed as this will have a length of 210cm or is it a standard UK/Ireland size with a length of 200cm. Bedding for European sized mattresses can be tricky to source so it is important to consider all factors before you buy! The most important factor when choosing a children bed mattress is comfort – so having your child sleeping peacefully through the night is a luxury for most parents so ensuring that the correct children's mattress is purchased is a priority! Consider below:

Mattress Filling

Coil Spring (Bonnell Sprung) Mattresses are the most popular and most economical children’s mattresses on the market today – these coil wires are linked together in a metal net frame creating the spring.

Our light support (not deep) mattress is the "Classic". It is Bonnell Sprung and adequate support for younger children. Our medium support mattress is the "Natural Sleep Mattress". It is Bonnell Sprung and adequate support for adults.

Mattress Size

We sell 90 x 190cm mattresses as these are the standard size mattresses in Ireland. Standard shop bought bedding is made to fit this size mattress.

A lot of our bed bases are 200cm long and therefore there will be a gap at either end of the mattress. We recommend having a gap around the mattress as it is easier to dress the bed

Mattress Top Finish

The most popular mattress top finish is a quilted top, this has an outer fabric attached to the surface fillings, giving them a smoother and flatter surface. Thus giving a softer/plusher feel to the child’s mattress.