Mattress Protectors

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Protect a Bed - Quilt Guard Mattress Protector (5894323372185)

Protect a Bed - Quilt Guard Mattress Protector

The QuiltGuard Cotton Mattress Pad is Protect-A-Bed's answer to traditional mattress pads. Made with their Miracle Membrane, The QuiltGuard Cotton mattress cover is completely waterproof and absorbent with smooth cotton...
Protect a Bed - Tender Touch Mattress Protector (5894326026393)

Protect a Bed - Tender Touch Mattress Protector

The Protect-A-Bed Tender Touch 3' Mattress Protector has been designed especially for sensitive skin. With its unique Miracle Membrane , it draws moisture away from the surface to create a...
Protect a Bed - 3ft Plush Mattress Protector (5894322978969)

Protect a Bed - 3ft Plush Mattress Protector

Protect-a-Bed Plush mattress protector features an innovative Miracle Membrane with a Total Heat Transference Formula for ultimate dryness and comfort. The Miracle Membrane makes for a 100% waterproof mattress cover...

Things to consider when buying a mattress

Choose the right mattess filling

The most crucial factor when choosing a child’s mattress is comfort. Your child sleeping peacefully through the night is a luxury for most parents, so ensuring that the correct child’s mattress is purchased is a priority! A factor we need to consider is the filling in your children’s mattress. A coil spring mattress is the most popular and most economical type of children’s mattress on the market today. Coil Spring Mattresses are sometimes referred to as Bonnell Sprung. The coil wires are joined together in a metal net frame creating the spring. See 'Your Guide to Choosing a Bed' to read some more about choosing the right mattress.

Choose the right mattress top finish

The most popular mattress top finish is a quilted top. This has an outer fabric attached to the surface fillings, giving them a smoother and flatter surface. Thus, giving a softer/plusher feel to the child’s mattress.

Sizing your child's mattress

Single beds/double beds/toddler beds can vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer so it is important that you have the correct size.