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Children's Furniture for your child's room

When designing your children's room your aim is to create an inspiring place while also providing a restful environment for sleep. Here in JellyBean we hope to help you chose the right mix of childrens' furniture such as kids single beds, storage solutions, sleepover beds and decorating ideas which will adapt and change as your family grows. We specialise in sourcing high quality children's furniture at excellent prices, why not check out our kids beds for boys. Girls fear not we have the most beautiful collection of kids beds for girls. Looking for space saving, high quality and sturdy bunk beds.


We also supply co-ordinating children's furniture such as matching kids bedside lockerskids wardrobeskids chest of drawers. Looking for some great kids storage and toy boxes and kids tables and chairs. Your little one is too small for a big bed but you need a toddler bed check out our fantastic value in toddler beds!


Childrens Furniture can come in various different designs and styles. It is often best when you are deciding on a theme or style of colour to consult your children as involving them in the process can be fun and exciting for them. So when you are buying childrens furniture they feel that they are involved in this important process so by allowing them to pick and choose from varying designs and colours, you will be letting them make important decisions which in turn will boost their confidence and self-esteem. Allowing them to have a say in choosing their kids furniture is also a great way for them to express their creativity and individuality. 

Bedtime can be a challenge and more often than not a difficult time for parents. Kids never want to go to bed on time. In order to encourage your children to spend time in their childrens bedroom and enjoy their bedtime ritual, it is a good idea to design achildren bedroom in a welcoming, soothing and attractive styles and colours. So consulting your children on the layout, kids furniture & paint options so they are encouraged to have ownership and responsibility of their newly decorated childrens room.  Here in JellyBean we spend a lot of time and effort in finding the best suppliers of high quality childrens furniture, we have a wide array of matching childrens bedroom furniture, toddler bedschildrens bedroom décor, kids beds and childrens storage solutions.

One important aspect of any childrens bedroom furniture is to consider the amount of storage space that they would need, mostchildrens bedrooms are a clutter of clothes, toys, games and other bits and bobs! Here in JellyBeanGroup we specialize inchildren’s furniture which includes spacious proper sized wardrobes and large chest drawers.


We consider not just looking at the age of your child at this time but looking at childrens furniture which will last them into their teenage years and not just when they are toddlers or of a young age! Our ranges in childrens furniture will work for you now but also in 10 years time as we know and understand that quality in children furniture will save your money in the long term! Some of our storage furniture including wardrobes, toy boxes and chests of drawers are decorated in themed designs. This is to encourage children to use the furniture and learn to clean up after themselves.

As parents we understand and appreciate the importance of sturdy childrens furniture. Our children can be enthusiastic and energetic by nature so childrens furniture needs to be robust and withstand the vigor’s of growing children. At JellyBeanGroup we endeavour to source childrens furniture that will stand up to years of use!! Our childrens furniture is made to last, and can be put to good use for a great number of years.

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